Us film zealots at Vertiver have been chasing cameras since the 90s. We learnt to shoot on the (gasp!) Betacams and were so ecstatic to chuck the bulk when the Mini-DVs arrived. We invested in the Sony HDV and PDX 10 cameras. Then Flip Camera came teasing us with its nifty little pocket-size. This being the pre-iphone era, the idea of a pocket size video device was thrilling! So we got ourselves the humble Flip.

Then arrived the Digital HD- no more mini-dv tapes! Simply memory cards with Gigabytes of storage. Amazing resolution minus the bulk of the Sony HDV. Yes we got the Canon Mark III which became our best friend.. Real freedom had arrived.


The GoPro had us salivating. shooting underwater? attach it to anything! fits in your palm. 180 degrees AND HD resolution? Oh YA we were totally in! So we now had a GoPro. Real real freedom had arrived.

Just as we were reeling from 15 years of camera evolution, the VR revolution happened! Right under our noses. Whaaat? you can scroll ALL AROUND an image? In 360 degrees? How could we not? We dove head first and got ourselves a 360 VR CAM. Even more real freedom had arrived!

So here we are, swimming in this new ocean of 360 storytelling, loving creating stories in virtual reality. But what are we to do with the collection of (obsolete) cameras, which we will never again need but feel emotionally attached to?

Well, taking them out of storage today was a first step in acknowledging own story of story-telling. So many wonderful memories with each of these cameras! We are holding onto them for now unless someone writes us and convinces us they can put these to better use 🙂