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Vertiver worked closely with the Department of Science and Technology under India’s Ministry of Science and Technology to develop a design and dissemination platform for FarmerZone, a cloud-based service for smallholder farmers. FarmerZone was announced at an international consultation for which Vertiver served as the event partner:

What we did?

Working closely with the scientists at DBT, Vertiver translated the vision of FarmerZone into a concept note for national and international experts in smart agriculture. We developed the strategic narrative for FarmerZone, researching and copywriting to render the complexity of the overlap between technology and agriculture, into a clearly articulated, comprehensible background paper. In partnership with Iora Ecological Solutions , we helped DBT design and define the Agenda for the international consultation at which FarmerZone was presented, ensuring the participation of strategic stakeholders in Smart Agriculture from around the world, using design looks to creat a differented identity for farmerzone. we developed advertisements in Hindi and English to create awareness of the initiative to a broader national audience. Finally, as Event Partners to DBT, we organized all aspects of the FarmerZone event held at the Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra on August 29th to the 31st. Smart Agriculture is a topic our sustainability hearts beat for. We are so happy to have helped DBT create a successful launch of the FarmerZone for their audience, and are continuing to work with them to shape the concept further.

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