Vertiver is a creative studio and strategy consultancy with deep
expertise in sustainability. By applying visual thinking to the complex issues of climate
change and sustainable development, we help our Clients engage their stakeholders more
effectively. We work closely with researchers, policy makers, businesses, and development
agencies to build effective communication and engagement tools for climate adaptation,
climate change mitigation and resource conservation.

vertiver mission


Our mission is to cross-fertilise ideas from the
‘creative industry’ with strategies from the ‘development sector’ so as to cut across
domain boundaries and co-create multi-disciplinary tools that enable climate action and

vertiver vision


Tackling the massive environment crises of our time
require collective action. At Vertiver, we seek to catalyze positive environment and
social outcome by empowering varied stakeholders with creative tools of engagement and

Chhaya Bhanti

I began my career in New York City amid the glamour of fashion and din of relentless advertising, however, realizing how damaging these were to our natural ecosystems and biodiversity, I made an about turn, switched to sustainability in the mid 2000s and eventually moved back to India to start Vertiver, to enable sustainability led projects across ecology, society and culture. I feel privileged to be working alongside a group of very talented and committed artists, designers, scientists, researchers and writers, who have consciously chosen to bury their heads in tackling some of the most overwhelming challenges of our era!

Shivangi Sagar

“A Designer, a communicator & a change maker working towards a sustainable goal. I strongly believe that all design must have a purpose, with my artistic hand skills, research and observation .I am helping my planet in every possible means through Vertiver.”

Himanshu Sachdeva

“In a world where sustainability is no longer a choice but a necessity, I lead the way by integrating my designs and expertise, forging a connection between awareness and implementation.”

Lakhan Lal

Understanding the intricacies of human life, our natural environment, and their correlation, I aspire to connect people back to their roots in sustainability through design.

Joyce Philip

“As a communication designer at Vertiver, I work closely toward sustainability and to save our mother earth. Being a designer, I am grateful that I can use my skills to spread awareness among people.”

Pallavi Purohit

“I am an ambivert who loves to observe intricacies of life and present it in the form of art. Thriving at the intersection of visual storytelling and design to create desirable impact driven solutions.”

Alok Kumar

“I work as a wildlife communication specialist and I have a background of Wildlife Biologist and Researcher. To conserve is to use prudently. We conservationists support using land and animal resources sparingly so that their management can be wise and considerate, ensuring that they are enjoyed by present and future generations and not overused to the point of extinction.”

Antariksh Dutta

“I am an animator and designer who is passionate about using my skills to create engaging and impactful visual content for environmental sustainability. With a deep understanding of the importance of sustainability and conservation, I strive to convey these values through my work. I use a range of techniques to bring ideas to life, including 2D animation, motion graphics, and character animation.”

Priyanka Sandhu

“I have been working as an Administrative Executive and providing the support to the team in different kinds of projects where I learn to improve my quality of life, as well as have a positive impact on the environment.”


“I’m someone who loves creating simple and effective designs, and as a communication designer at Vertiver, I get to combine my love for design with my passion for the environment!”

Nikita Sharma

As a Research Associate focusing on environmental action and social justice, I am passionate about developing unique strategic approaches on sustainability issues in a manner that positively impact people and the planet.

Omkar Pethkar

As someone trained in dramatics and film, I like to connect the dots and create multi-platform mediums that can reach people to generate awareness. I’m a writer and a poet. I like to imagine stories and frames. My aim is to discover the vast potential of human imagination and ability.


“I am a sustainability enthusiast with a passion for making a positive impact in society. I believe that our collective actions can make a big difference in preserving our planet and creating a better future for all. As someone who cares deeply about the environment and social justice, I am committed to finding ways to bring about change through community involvement and communication.”


“HR guy that doesn’t just say, “‘I’ll get back to you”
The Unofficial Lawyer, Psychologist, Event Planner, Detective, and Peacemaker.
P.S. I love asking employees if they have a minute….. scares them every time.”

Edwin Joseph

“I provide communications support and help develop partnerships for Vertiver. As a student of geopolitics, I’m curious about understanding how global cooperation can catalyse effective climate action.”

Dr. Gurwinder Singh

“As a fruit breeder, I have always been passionately working to develop fruit hybrids. In vertiver, I have a chance to interact with farmers to know about their problem, help them with different tools and techniques.”

Sandeep Singh

“My professional responsibilities include improving farming methods, conducting farm research and field checks, collecting samples, making observations, running tests, figuring out issues with plant and soil nutrition, and assisting farmers in coming up with methods to boost crop quality and yield. I’ve developed multiple articles, including a research article, book chapter and review papers, all of which are concerned with improving farming sustainability.”

Anamika Yadav

“As a professional in the field of development communications, my passion lies in utilizing various communication techniques to bring about positive social and behavioral changes. I specialize in developing effective communication strategies to induce such changes, particularly in promoting sustainability and fostering environmentally conscious practices. I believe that effective communication is essential in creating a more equitable and sustainable world.”

Priya Sagar

“As an Accountant at Vertiver, I help make critical financial decisions. Also Responsible for Preparing budget forecasts, financial audits, reconciling banks, reporting of financial data of an organization and ensuring financial records are accurate throughout the year.”


  • vertiver testimonialsI would
    like to thank Vertiver for helping the District Administration in commemorating the
    International Day of Forests and Earth Day in Majuli. The constant support provided by
    you and your team and the designs inspired by traditional folk art of Assam has been
    outstanding. They have been used for the outdoor campaign to celebrate International Day
    of Forests on 21st March, 2017. Vertiver’s contribution helped in successfully marking
    these two days of international significance in the district. We look forward to
    collaborating with you in the future.

    Sri. Pallav Gopal Jha, IAS
    Deputy Commissioner, Majuli, Assam

    vertiver testimonials

  • vertiver testimonialsI take
    this opportunity to thank Vertiver creative agency for the designs and the film created
    for state’s campaign on International Day of Forests, 2017 launched by the Hon’ble Chief
    Minister of Assam. We appreciate the designs that were inspired by the traditional folk
    art of Assam. The state’s flora and fauna along with the typography helped engage
    state-wide audience in Assam. We look forward to further collaboration.

    A.K. Johari. IFS Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Biodiversity and Climate
    Member Secretary, Assam Biodiversity Board

    vertiver testimonials

  • vertiver testimonialsVertiver’s commitment to sustainability and to
    conservation work has been evident in both the design of the logo and in the research
    and design of the interpretation boards created for the Corbett Eco Falls. With your
    help we have been able to highlights features of the wildlife in this reserve in a
    creative and visually engaging form. We are happy to inform you that the logo you helped
    us develop for Pawalgarh Conservation Reserve has been adopted formally as the brand
    identity of PCR by the forest department

    Neha verma (IFS) Divisional Forest Officer, Ramnagar Forest Division,
    Ramnagar, Uttarakhand

    vertiver testimonials

  • vertiver testimonials

    I appreciated the dedication to excellence exemplified by Vertiver; I felt they were
    very invested in the process to make the end product the best match for my business.
    I am very happy with the end product.

    Mical Caldwell CEO,
    Cameo Analytics Inc.

    vertiver testimonials

  • vertiver testimonialsThe
    Vertiver team created a superb brand identity and logo for the startup I founded.
    Customer service has been excellent–truly a collaborative experience. Highly

    Kit Sturgeon
    CEO, Nimba Inc.

    vertiver testimonials

vertiver partner

Monica Alderette

Managing Partner, USA

Monica Alderette is an architect based in California whose work on sustainability spans across
mobile technologies, renewable energy, energy efficiency, marketing and strategic planning. She
currently serves as a founding member of the mobile app Prelimb, which guides users into growing
individual and community gardens. Monica has a strong passion for visual storytelling and has
been deeply engaged with Camp Reel Stories, a non profit institute that empowers young women
through media training. In addition to her B.Arch, Monica holds an MBA from Presidio Graduate

vertiver partner

Swapan Mehra

CEO and Founder of
Iora Ecological Solutions

Swapan Mehra is the CEO and Founder of Iora Ecological Solutions, one of the pioneering
organizations in environmental finance and climate policy in India. Swapan has served as policy
advisor to some of the key climate instruments in India and works extensively with businesses
around the world to commit to forestry conservation through emerging carbon finance instruments
such as REDD+ as well as his own initiative the Corporate Forest Responsibility that was
co-created with Vertiver. Swapan serves as key advisor to Vertiver on climate mitigation and
adaptation work.

vertiver partner

Margaret Pott Hartwell</h3


Margaret Pott Hartwell, an advisor to Vertiver, is a strategist, communicator,change agent and
coach. As co-author of the book, Archetypes in Branding: A Toolkit for Creatives and Strategists
(HOW 2012), Margaret was inspired by an Erwin Schrödinger quote: “Thus, the task is not so much
to see what no one has yet seen; but to think what nobody has yet thought, about that which
everybody sees.” She holds her MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School, her
BA from UC Berkeley, and an advanced coaching certification from the Institute of Transpersonal

vertiver partner iore logo

Iora Ecological Solutions

Iora Ecological Solutions a firm Vertiver works closely with to accelerate sustainability, is an
environmental finance, policy advisory and project development group. The company’s mission is
to enable sustainable development in India by promoting ecosystem conservation and low carbon
technologies through customized financing and distribution models.Iora’s founding team comprises
of professionals with several years of entrepreneurial and management experience in climate
change mitigation through CDM and carbon financing, forestry conservation and renewable energy

vertiver Presidio Graduate School

Presidio Graduate School

Sustainable Management is not just a concept. It is an integrated, applied approach to learning
that sees problems as a whole and designs solutions that account for human, economic and
environmental concerns. Presidio embeds sustainability into every course – from leadership to
accounting, marketing to economics. Through our renowned Experiential Learning program, students
apply sustainability frameworks and methods to real cases in large and small companies,
government agencies and non-profit organizations.