There is Virtual Reality and there’s 360 VR. It took us a little while to get the semantic difference between the two as they’re mostly (and confusingly!) being used inter-changeably We’re differentiating them by treating the former as a term for gaming and other simulation based environments created in 360 degrees and the latter as 360 environments shot in a ‘real environment.’

We’ve been experimenting with 360VR and have fallen in love with telling stories in the 360VR format. Viewing them in a VR Headset is so very exciting! No doubt 360VR is the dawn of a new era for visual storytelling and we are turning our VR lens onto the causes we care about so we can bring them to people’s radar, directly on to their headsets 🙂

Here’s a 360VR pic of chai break at Vertiver shot on our 360cam.