Amazon India. You have left us shocked and angry!  Recently a young member of our team orders a poster for shipping to Vertiver’s office. He awaits his sweet little Pink Floyd purchase in a cardboard roll. The package that arrives is way too large for a small poster but what is inside is more unconscionable—a poster packed within a rigid cardboard roll which is then encased unnecessarily in rolls and rolls of inflated plastic lining. You chose to pack the small poster shown below, sized 61cm x 91cm within FORTY TWO FEET YES!! that is 42 feet of actual inflated plastic “bubble wrap” to “protect” what needed no protection whatsoever. Are you not expected to act with much more responsibility in your next most exiting market? You no doubt are aware of the enormous waste crisis that urban India is grappling with! As brand strategists we can tell you this—without much more regard for environmental responsibility your new funny ads on TV ARE NOT GOING TO CUT IT. India demands more from you. Your exciting new customer base demands a LOT MORE responsibility from you. See the video stop motion below of how much waste came out of your giant unnecessarily waste-ful box!


42 Feet of Waste


We Demand Accountability Amazon!