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Donna Meadows proposed small shifts at lever points within a system to create massive transformation. Vertiver’s own motto “be a trim tab,” is a nod to this systems thinking approach for sustainability also espoused by Bucky Fuller. Our strategic process entails in-depth analysis of a system, mapping of points where big shifts can occur and proposing a roadmap for sustainability-based action. The process is immersive and interactive— not suited for the fix-it-quick mindset of business as usual clients of course—but one that provides a blueprint for lasting change. We infuse our strategic process with creative engagement and design thinking, so as to factor the ideas of various stakeholders in the system into the strategic roadmap.

Vertiver strategy active listening

Active Listening

"most people listen to reply not to understand" Listening well is the first step to gaining true understanding of a need, yet it is an art that is getting lost in the deluge of biases and supply-led processes that many follow. Vertiver is a team of curious people genuinely committed to solving complex issues that affect our planet. We are active listeners and engage in an open dialogic process until we have articulated a shared understanding of the task at hand. Reflecting back to our partners what has been 'listened-to' establishes the foundation for a successful process of developing strategy for our partners.

Vertiver strategy Design thinking

Design Thinking

The term's been touted in the auditoriums of MBA programs and 'strategy think tanks' for a while. We interpret and practice it somewhat simply-we engage our partners in 'design thinking' conversations and workshops in which through creative interaction, we garner collective input from participants, generate potential solutions that are quickly vetted for efficacy. Then we analyse, refine and distil insights to arrive at the quintessence of need and solutions that fit our partners' specific context. This gets buy-in from key stakeholders and paves the way for smooth implementation of strategy.

Vertiver strategy Roadmapping


Being trusted to develop a roadmap towards environmental and social sustainability is a responsibility we proudly connect with our own passion for positive impact and our extensive understanding of technological and operational processes that enable organizations to embrace a strong culture of sustainability. Our Roadmapping process includes elemental aspects of scenario planning as it evaluates potential outcomes of steps takes under a BAU scenario or under the best-case scenario. The roadmap offers concrete steps that partners can take to move towards sustainability within their organization as the first step and outwards towards enabling their vendors as the next. We have worked on developing roadmaps for Carbon Neutrality in Assam with Iroa Ecological Solutions.

Strategy Projects


Vertiver strategy difid crissa


Providing design to dissemination for the UKAID supported Climate Change program CRISSA.

Vertiver strategy crissa-team

What we did ?

Providing design to dissemination for the UKAID supported Climate Change program CRISSA. We gained a tremendous amount of learning on issues of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in the South Asian Region. Starting with research analysis where our team thoroughly studied research outputs and translated them into effective policy briefs to regional stakeholder mapping where we had to diligently account for downstream stakeholders who are affected by climate change as well as upstream stakeholders who are responsible for key decision making to enable community resilience against increasing impacts of climate change in South Asia, we realized that the challenge of Climate Mitigation and Adaptation in South Asia requires linkages between a very diverse and cross-sectoral actors in order to effectively tackle the gargantuan challenge. The issue of collaborative action across the region is made further complicated by the political climate that governs the relationships between those countries. Most importantly we learnt that as designers and as strategists in Sustainability we can play a key role in engaging stakeholders across the spectrum towards effective climate action.

Vertiver strategy flooding-scale
Vertiver strategy flooding-scale
Vertiver strategy climate-variablitiy-pakistan
Vertiver strategy green-growth-south-asia Vertiver strategy himalayas
Vertiver strategy hydrology-model
Vertiver strategy crissa-consultation Vertiver strategy adoption-climate

Vertiver strategy crissa
Vertiver strategy crissa
Vertiver strategy crissa
Vertiver strategy crissa
Vertiver strategy crissa
Vertiver strategy crissa