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Design is a term that is used loosely across products and processes in various disciplines. At Vertiver, design is a process, a thought process and an outcome. We design to turn otherwise boring content into engaging visual content, we design ads, we design films, we design experiences, we design apps and websites and we apply design thinking for problem solving. So for us 'design' is a language we apply to the problems of enviornmental and social issues to construct 'designed' stories and narratives that engage people into them. We are all designers at Vertiver and there is no doubt we need to 'design' ourselves out of the mess that we have created in the planet.

Design Projects

Narmada Hoarding

vertiver project narmada


Forests are life campaign to support Narmada Afforestation.

What we did?

To support the vibrant work done by the administration of Hoshangabad on afforestation along the Narmada river, we adapted our gond-influenced Forests are Life campaign to linking the health of riparian ecossytems with forests through our print campaign.