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Vertiver created an outdoor print campaign on Forests in 2015 and realizing the grave irony of using PVC based non biodegradable vinyl to create a campaign on conservation we ensured that all the vinyl/ Flex came back to our creative studio to repurpose into upcycled products. After making a few hundred fun products including bags, lamps, laptop covers and trying to sell them via retail outlets, we realized that the challenge of using all the Flex we receive versus the demand for its products was beyond our capability. We took a deeper dive into the problem to understand what the real solution to the problem could be.

We found out that there is NO WAY to recycle Flex, it MUST be upcycled. We also realized there are several informal channels of sending the flex disposed after a campaign ends to cottage industries that shred them and turn them into floormats among other things. STILL after interviewing Flex manufacturers, display providers, recyclers in Delhi we realized that the problem of flex disposal is huge and it often ends up in landfills and adds to the toxic pile up.

So we began the reVert initiative- re(Green)

reVert attempts to communicate the various aspects of Flex recycling to a broad set of stakeholders who use it to prompt collective action towards its responsible disposal. We are working towards solutions that involve brand folks as well as policy makers.