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Design is a term that is used loosely across products and processes in various disciplines. At Vertiver, design is a process, a thought process and an outcome. We design to turn otherwise boring content into engaging visual content, we design ads, we design films, we design experiences, we design apps and websites and we apply design thinking for problem solving. So for us 'design' is a language we apply to the problems of enviornmental and social issues to construct 'designed' stories and narratives that engage people into them. We are all designers at Vertiver and there is no doubt we need to 'design' ourselves out of the mess that we have created in the planet.

Design Projects

FOREST PLUS Exihibition Design


Vertiver worked closely with USAID’s Forest- PLUS program on designing various elements for successful engagement and dissemination. The Forest-PLUS exhibition design was created on the ocassion of the INDO-US Technology Summit in 2015 for which Vertiver designed the Forest-PLUS booth

What we did?

We were given the task of exhibitng the apps designed by us and developed by IORA Ecological into the booth and providing the context for what Forest-PLUS does to attendees at the summit. While the booth was small we decided that the program’s work in technology and the dependence of forests of people in India had to be the key messages that would draw people into interacting with the apps. We illustrated and designed two graphics and installed them at full wall size. To display the apps in the booth, we custom designed two bamboo ‘pillars’ on which two phones enclosed in a secure casing were mounted. These phones were available for anyone to interact with and understand how the app would work to analyse soil carbon stock, a sample of which was placed on the platform. The ‘earthy’ yet technological design of the booth enabled positive interaction between attendees and the props in the booth.