UKAID DFID's South Asia Research Hub funded a suite of research studies on key climate challenges between 2010 and 2015 under its Climate Research and Information Services in South Asia (CRISSA) programme. The completion of these studies represented a massive challenge; how do the findings of the studies communicate to policy makers, communities and NGOs to together address issues of climate change adaptation. Vertiver worked closely with DFID's India office for over a year to develop a comprehensive dissemination strategy for the studies and to implement the strategies.




Research Analysis, Stakeholder Mapping, Policy Briefs writing, Regional Dissemination Strategy, Implementation of proposed Dissemination Strategy through regional consultation on climate change.

DFID CRISSA Website Design

(All study outputs can be accessed at http://r4d.dfid.gov.uk/Project/60918/)

Website Concept & Design

DFID CRISSA Website Design


DFID CRISSA Website Design

Design of all consultation materials

DFID CRISSA Website Design


We gained a tremendous amount of learning on issues of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in the South Asian Region. Starting with research analysis where our team thoroughly studied research outputs and translated them into effective policy briefs to regional stakeholder mapping where we had to diligently account for downstream stakeholders who are affected by climate change as well as upstream stakeholders who are responsible for key decision making to enable community resilience against increasing impacts of climate change in South Asia, we realized that the challenge of Climate Mitigation and Adaptation in South Asia requires linkages between a very diverse and cross-sectoral actors in order to effectively tackle the gargantuan challenge. The issue of collaborative action across the region is made further complicated by the political climate that governs the relationships between those countries. Most importantly we learnt that as designers and as strategists in Sustainability we can play a key role in engaging stakeholders across the spectrum towards effective climate action.