Build Forward is an energy efficiency company in New York City. They approached us for our knowledge of sustainability and energy efficiency to help them build a brand and tell a story that communicated the importance of the Passive House in the U.S where such construction is not as mainstream as it is in Europe. We began with developing a logo for their three verticals: Build Future, Build Forward and Build Farms? We then conducted research on Passive House and arrived at an understanding that highlighting the cost savings in the construction of a Passive house and explaining in a simple animation, the construction of how a Passive House conserves energy are the two anchors of the story. Vertiver then created an online platform that communicates most essentially that Build Forward is a lending platform for energy efficiency but also takes the visitors through the Build Forward narrative of educating people about Passive House and highlighting through time lapse the development of a house project that Build Forward is directly development.



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We learnt that even the best UI/UX design will not ensure the best programming. We learnt that designing to convince people to invest in something that is environmentally positive is much more fun than designing to convince people to buy another material object that is sure to be disposed. We also learnt that financial firms need a more conservative approach to design than others because they need to cater to a very broad base of customers.